The road goes ever on and on

So here we are. I’d like to say we left Monday morning, but it was almost 2 pm before we picked up our cats and set off for Romania. However, we never travelled this road this fast. There were a few roadworks, sure, but they didn’t cause the usual traffic jams. And we passed a few borders along the road, which usually is a sure resting point. This time, things were more formal (we had to sign a quarantine-form), due to Covid, but because less people were travelling this road, the waiting time was very, very short. (Except for trucks, their line was a few kilometers both ways) All in all it took us an astonishing 19,5 hours to drive from IJsselstein to Sibiu. The cats were happy it was over, Cato had slept pretty much all the time. We were exhausted.

And then we were in Sibiu. A lot of people ask us: what does quarantine mean in Romania, can you still go grocery shopping? Well, no. But just like in the Netherlands, they deliver groceries to the door. And, unlike in the Netherlands, they deliver within the hour. And of course there is the option to order take away. Yay.

So we’re kinda stuck here at the moment. No big deal so far. We’re tired and happy to get some well-deserved rest. If all goes well, we can go outside again next Friday. And then at least we’re so much closer to our next home, to our goal. Yes, I think it’s fair to say we’re happy.

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