New beginnings

The last item I posted was from January 2021, and the last draft from September that same year. Of course a lot has happened, I mean, it’s been over two and a half years!
Too much definitely to cover in just one post. So let’s split it up. In the next few months, I’ll try and update you on the following subjects:

-my pregnancy in 2021

-the birth of our second daughter in December 2021

-our huge (never ending) to-do list we made for 2022 (and years ahead)

-the opening of the campsite in 2022

-our progress so far in the last two years

-moving abroad and how this affects us

-cultural differences we encountered

-our daily life in Summer

-our daily life in Winter

With these new beginnings of blogposts, I think it’s good to start where we left off, in 2021.
Covid was still an issue. We were recently very disappointed by the seller of a house in Blajeni, and were close to give up on our dream to buy a house in Romania. This wasn’t the first time the seller of a house raised the price after an agreement and this didn’t give us a good impression of Romanian people.
However, shortly after we found another property. Somehow The Internet kept pushing us in the direction of this valley of Buces and after a while Matthias found another house for sale in this valley on some obscure site (to us, foreigners, at least). So in his best Romanian Matthias made an appointment to take a look at the house. I don’t remember exactly which day it was, but we were convinced we had an appointment somewhere after 10 in the morning, they’d be home all day.

Turned out his Romanian wasn’t too good after all. The owners had just returned back home after waiting for us for 2 hours, when we called them at 12.30 to ask for directions, since we ended up in Grohoţele de Sus. I remember we learned a lot of Romanian that week.
Anyhow, the ice was broken and we ended up buying their house. In March we could move in and in June we could sign the papers. Shortly after, the truck with our stuff arrived, and we were kind of embarrassed really. While living in The Netherlands it never seemed like that much, but now that we had a bigger house and seen another way of living, it was overwhelming. True, a big part of the truckload was filled with the yurt we ordered from the Netherlands, but still, so many boxes…  

But in between, life had it’s own surprises to unbox…

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