Are you nervous?

Before today I’d definitely answered that question with a positive “No”, but suddenly things start to creep up my mind.
Two weeks to go ’till D-Day, and so far I’d managed to stay stressfree (or at least I told myself) by thoroughly planning three different scenarios. Plan A, B and C. You might as well consider them F, G and H for all I care, because no, our current plan A wasn’t The Original. Sounds annoying, but it gave me the ease of mind that we’d figure out an entirely new plan if things would change.
And things do change again. We keep an eye out for all corona-related news, so we can swiftly adjust if needed.

In the meantime we’re thicking off boxes of our still expanding To Do list (mostly just getting more detailed really). We’re rounding up projects and try to empty our pantry and fridge. We’ve said goodbye to a lot of people and made some treasurable memories along the way.
Most of our stuff is packed now, which still leaves us with an awful lot to pack next week. However, the end is in sight. A nice prospect.

I’ll be happy when we’ve tackled this first hurdle. By then, we can start to realise how nervous we actually were now. But to keep our sanity we’ll still answer the question above with a firm “No”.

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