4 Weeks until departure

Just 4 weeks until we leave. Tickets are booked, the apartment settled and we put some of our stuff aside which we think we might need the first couple of months. The rest of our belongings goes into storage and will follow as soon as we’ve found a house. While packing we need to make sure what goes into which box, so when we need something a bit earlier (tools etc.) we can easily grab it from the storage and take it with us before the big bulk is coming.

That big bulk will be brought to us with a transport company, for which it’s needed to have a, kind of, detailed list of all our belongings. Now I’m OCD’er enough to have a very detailed list of all our books, but the rest of our stuff is going to be quite a big job. How to describe all those memorabilia etc? Besides, I already packed a lot of stuff when we were selling our house, but what’s inside those boxes, you tell me. That’s going to be a tough time digging my memory, which isn’t at it’s best at the moment. (On the positive side: it’s going to feel like Christmas XL while unpacking in a few months 🙂 )

There’s also enough stuff we say goodbye to, like plants. Time to tidy up the rooftopterrace and clean out the gutter. But also time to collect the last few items from our parents house, and return things we’ve borrowed. Finish up a few final projects, so we can either take it to Romania, or leave it here with others. Does this part sound a bit chaotic? It’s still fairly organised compared to what’s going on in my mind.

In the meantime we also say goodbye to people and places. Sometimes by going to places we’re familiar with, sometimes by finally trying that one particular restaurant. The Kleischuur in Gouda, for example. Really good, mainly vegetarian and beautifully laid out food for a fair amount. Such a shame we didn’t even try this place before.

All in all no need to get bored yet.

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